Cool Stuff Being Made: How Harley Davidson Motorcycles Are Made

By December 9, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

harley.jpgThis week, we turn to the NAM’s policy division coordinator and Harley-Davidson owner — and rider — Andrew Acker who writes about the video you are about to watch:

Harleys are timeless yet stylish-looking machines built to please the eye, without ever compromising their ruggedness or efficiency. The bikes begin their lives as several simple parts that, during this 45 minute excursion down the assembly line, come together to form a road warrior. It begins with a frame, to which the engine, wheels and electrical wiring are attached, followed by accessories and small parts. After the surprisingly short process, the hogs are then test driven on-site, for any kinks that may need to be worked out before being shipped. Once past inspection, they are loaded on to crates and shipped to a dealership near you.

Each Harley is built with the amount of care and pride one would have if they were building it for themselves. In fact, many Harley workers are Harley owners as well. The assembly line from which this American tradition comes is filled with people who believe that the bikes they build are the best in the world. This is evident by the trophies won in races past, a lasting effort to keep the business in the family, and the use of the motorcycles in World Wars I and II.

Being a Harley rider and proud owner of a Sportster 883 Low, I am confident that Harleys are built and tested for safety and dependability, which matters most on the open road.

Driven all over the world and for a world of different reasons, Harleys are sure to bring pleasure to any who “swings a leg.” Click here to feel the manufacturing vibe!

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