CBS Evening News Touts Manufacturing

By December 6, 2006General

Yes, you read that right. Even we were in disbelief, but when you profile a great American manufacturer — and NAM Board Member — like Caterpillar, how can you come away with anything but a great story? Thanks to Hank Cox for tipping us off tho this — he’s one of the few brave folks left watching CBS Evening News, but we’re glad he did.

Here’s a link to their story — including a video clip or two — on Caterpillar and on manufacturing writ large. It notes (correctly) that Caterpillar exports a whopping $9 billion worth of goods annually. A bunch of this stuff goes to markets opened up by free trade agreements. All the small manufacturers who serve as suppliers to Cat benefit as a result. CBS also notes that the US is the top manufacturing power in the world (Lou, are you listening?), producing almost twice as much as Japan last year.

All in all, a great story from an unlikely source.