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By December 22, 2006Business Blog Roundup

businessblogroundup2.jpgBusinessWeek’s influential Blogspotting website poses a question destined to reshape what remains of the dead tree media: “Why not publish every single letter to the editor?” Magazines and newspapers, which print just a few of the hundreds of the letters they receive each day, could instead place them all on-line. As the blogger explains, searchable, organized and interactive by readers, the letters would develop into “a very lively online forum of ideas.” Who could possibly object? Maybe this guy, who laments the mainstream media losing its monopoly on political discourse. Just a couple of days later, his employer, the Wall Street Journal, faced up to the new reality and touted its own blog, in the aptly named PBS blog, MediaShift.

Having pioneered the practice of bringing together links to the corporate blogosphere at the Business Blog Roundup, the NAM’s welcomes the news that Verizon Poliblog will soon set up its own corporate blogroll.

The most popular blogger at Sun Microsystems discusses the impact of the Internet on intellectual property rights, pointing out that those rights are protected at considerable cost to society. A Xerox blogger provides a glimpse of where things are heading by touting a new website for facilitating the exchange of creative ideas.

‘Tis the Season for exemplary customer service. At the Dell website, a helpful blogger informs customers about the best ways to contact the company for product support during the holiday gift-giving rush.

GE’s Global Research Blog reports on innovative research into bringing down the cost of fresh water by using wind turbines to power water desalinization plants. Here, Owens Corning blogs and brags about how its new composite material is advancing the burgeoning wind power industry in Brazil.

General Motors also does a bit of bragging at its FastLane blog, with a story about a man who has driven his GM car (a Saab, actually) over one million miles. FastLane regularly features stories, with nifty photos, about memorable GM cars and the people fortunate to own them.

Bragging — that seems to be the corporate blogosphere theme of the week. Boeing blogger Randy Baseler starts with “All I can say is, ‘Wow, it’s been an incredible year.'” Well, it turns out he can say more, and does, with 13 more paragraphs about the company’s many successes in 2006. His comments (okay, bragging) about the success of his blog should inspire other corporations to take that plunge into the blogosphere.

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  • Michael Zak says:

    Thanks, Mark. Here’s wishing you and yours a Happy New Year.

  • Mark Glaser says:

    Thanks for the mention in your blog. Just to clarify, PBS MediaShift is a blog run by, and the story you linked to was one I wrote about the Wall Street Journal Online and their attitude toward blogs. Obviously the OpinionJournal piece is in direct contrast to the Journal’s own move toward embracing blogs. Cheers, Mark