Business Blog Roundup

By December 14, 2006Business Blog Roundup

businessblogroundup2.jpgPicking up on a recent Washington Post article, EDS blogged about the Next Big Thing in technology, NASA’s plan for a moon base by 2024. Even more thrilling for EDS than the base itself would be all the spin-off technologies. The Manufacturing Institue’s Bill Canis blogged about an innovative way to facilitate the manufacturing of the moon base, a space elevator.

Back on Planet E, Stonyfield Farm, a U.S. organic food manufacturer recently acquired by France’s Groupe Danone, uses blogs to gather its customers into an on-line community and boost brand loyalty. The Bovine Bugle features regular commentary from an organic dairy farmer in Vermont, while at Baby Babble new mothers can read about health and environmental issues.

The General Motors Fast Lane blog celebrates the fact that Buicks are one of the best-selling auto brands in China, especially among “the young and hip in Shanghai.”

Shaping the public debate about an issue is a major activity in the corporate blogosphere. A senior executive at Indium Corporation blogged recently about the European Community directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), which makes manufacturers responsible for collecting and recycling computers and related equipment. The business of WEEE recycling, he observes, has profit potential, citing large WEEE disassembly facility which opened in Hungary last month.

Perhaps in response, Dell blogged that despite its pro-recycling corporate ethic, the company opposes “Advanced Recovery Fees,” an option being debated by federal and state lawmakers in the U.S. Too bureaucratic and inefficient, says Dell.

At the Trivergence blog, an Accenture executive comments regularly about “the interplay of Devices, Data, and Controls in a networked world.” In his latest entry, he describes how Services Oriented Architecture will create new business opportunities, not just for telecoms but software companies as well.