Bob Novak on the Challenge of ‘the Greens’

By December 27, 2006Global Warming

In a Christmas Day op-ed in the WaPo, Bob Novak opines that we in the business community aren’t doing enough to blunt “the environmentalists’ well-financed propaganda operation.” Guess he’s not been reading the blog.

He quotes the (non-partisan) US Energy Information Administration’s analysis of the McCain-Lieberman bill to implement the Kyoto protocol, noting that it would, “reduce gross domestic product by $776 billion annually, raise gasoline prices 40 cents a gallon, raise natural gas prices 46 percent and cut coal production by nearly 60 percent.” A private sector group has estimated that the bill would cost 600,000 jobs. Oh, great. Just what the economy needs.

Novak notes — as we have, repeatedly — that most EU countries will miss their Kyoto targets and that China will exceed US emission levels by 2010, “meaning that unilateral U.S. carbon controls will have little impact on global emissions while driving American jobs to China.”

As we noted here just a few days ago, it seems that incoming House Energy and Commerce Committee chair John Dingell (D-MI) is intent on getting the facts before pressing forward on any of these ideas. He is also a guy with a pretty good understanding for — and appreciation of — the pressures facing US manufacturers and our contributions to the economy. Let’s hope this debate is driven by the facts and not the hysteria.