Annual List of ‘Judicial Hellholes’ Announced

By December 13, 2006Briefly Legal

“West Virginia was a ‘field of dreams’ for plaintiffs’ lawyers,” said West Virginia Judge Arthur Recht, “We built it and they came.”

This is one of the reasons West Virginia finds itself at the top of the American Tort Reform Foundation’s annual list of “Judicial Hellholes,” notoriously plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions, being released this hour at the National Press Club. This year’s list is topped by the entire state of West (By God) Virginia, followed by South Florida, Southeast Texas and a few well-known counties in Illinois: Cook, Madison and St. Clair. You may recall that the folks from ATRA this year drove a truck around Cook County to dramatize the impact that this legal abuse was having on its economy. The report also contains a “Watch List,”, “Dishonorable Mentions” and a list of “Points of Light,” where hope springs eternal.

This is a good group and one that does a great public service every year by issuing its report and calling attention to the most legal-abuse-ridden areas of the country. This absolutely impacts their ability to attract investment and jobs. Let’s hope this unwanted attention will cause them to begin to take steps to correct this disastrous reputation. Jobs come from businesses, form manufacturing — not from trial lawyers.

Click here to see the full report.