AJP: Declaring War On Lawsuit Abuse

By December 20, 2006Briefly Legal

Our colleagues at The American Justice Partnership are highlighting a new series of interviews being published at Directorship magazine, a publication that addresses corporate governance issues for about 15,000 subscribers. (Read the November issue here.)

The first interview is with Bernie Marcus, co-founder, The Home Depot, and AJP’s chairman, Steve Hantler. They’ll be pounding out some hard economic truths about jackpot justice and our out-of-control civil justice system. As Mr. Marcus says:

The good news is that more businesses are beginning to recognize that the litigation epidemic is a terrible drag on the economy and their business. If you are a director on a board, I would like you, at the next board meeting, to ask the CEO, after he or she goes through all the numbers, including profits, return on investment and all that, ‘What does litigation cost us every year?’ It’s an enormous number for large and small companies, but it’s not on the balance sheet.

The ultimate weapon is bringing together all the business interests to fight a concerted fight. Some heroic companies are fighting back, particularly in asbestos. What we’re saying to everybody is that it’s time to get involved in this fight.

Read the entire article here in .pdf format. Good stuff.