2007 Economic Forecast

By December 26, 2006Economy

Before you start returning all those gifts at the store today, we thought you might be interested in what we have to say about how the economy will behave in 2007.

Our own Chief Economist Dave Huether has prepared a nice report on the economic outlook for 2007. In the report, he looks some of the key indicators of the U.S. economy: housing (slowing), manufacturing (continuing to grow with the rest of the economy), consumer spending (downward pressure), business investment (growing but at a slower pace) and other factors like labor, productivity, inflation and trade.

We’re not gonna tell you all the juicy details. You’ll just have to read it for yourself. What better way to spend these last few days of the year by curling up to the fire with some chestnuts and a well-written economic forecast? Click here to read it or here for our press release.