U.N. Kids’ Book: See Spot Drown! Drown, Spot, Drown!

By November 14, 2006Global Warming

The indefatigable Senator James Inhofe, R-OK, sent staff members over to the U.N. Climate Conference in Kenya on the suspicion that nonsense, claptrap and folderol would pour forth. But in the form of a children’s book?

Nairobi, Kenya — A new United Nations children’s book promoting fears of catastrophic manmade global warming is being promoted at the UN Climate Change Conference in Kenya. The book’s main character, a young boy, is featured getting so worried about a coming manmade climate disaster that he yells “I don’t want to hear anymore!” The new children’s book, entitled “Tore and the Town on Thin Ice” is published by the United Nations Environment Programme and blames “rich countries” for creating a climate catastrophe and urges children to join environmental groups. (A pdf file of the booklet is here.)

The book is about a young kid named Tore who lives in an Arctic village. Tore loses a dog sled race because he crashes through the thinning ice allegedly caused by manmade greenhouse gas emissions. The book features colorful drawings and large text to appeal to young children.

After the boy loses the dog sled race, he is visited by “Sedna, the Mother of the Sea” in a dream. The “Sea Mother” Goddess informs the boy in blunt terms that the thinning ice that caused his loss in the dog sled race was due to manmade global warming.

The children hear cautions from snowy owls and wise, wise whales and starving — STARVING — polar bears.

So how is it that advocates of manmade global warming, supposedly so secure in their science, must resort to propagandizing little children — through pagan mythology, to boot — in order to build their case for a dramatic restructuring of society?

Or could it be that the science isn’t quite so persuasive?

P.S. Wait! Now dictionaries are getting into the game, eschewing education for inculcation.

Christmas lights are starting to go up, turkey recipes are being emailed around, and for most offices that means its time to order the holiday cards. At Oxford though, all these things signal a much more important moment, the annoucement of THE WORD OF THE YEAR!

The New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2006 is (drumroll please) Carbon Neutral.

Huh. My bet would have been on “indoctrination.”