This Week on America’s Business

By November 10, 2006General

Americas Business with Mike HambrickHost Mike Hambrick calls on journalists and business lobbyists to analyze the November 7th election results and then prophesize about their impact. Bob Benenson, editor of and Jim McTague, Washington editor of Barrrons, take a journalistic view of the new Democratically led Congress. The NAM’s Jay Timmons and Greg Casey, President of BIPAC, discuss the switch in control’s impact on manufacturing and business issues.

Marking Veterans Day, “America’s Business” talks with David Walker of Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes, which organizes corporate support for the wounded veterans of the War on Terror.

Drew Meyers, president of RecruitMilitary, describes his organization’s efforts to place veterans in manufacturing jobs, and guest Rob Davis is a veteran who just gained a business development position with Old Castle in Atlanta.

In our regular features, Renee Giachino of the American Justice Partnership, makes the case for tort reform; we hear from someone on “The Soapbox” and “The Factory Floor”; Hank Cox tells us about “The Way it Was,” and NAM President John Engler closes with “The Last Word.”

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