This Week: A Best of America’s Business

By November 23, 2006General

Americas Business with Mike HambrickOn a special Thanksgiving “best of” show, host Mike Hambrick revisits some of the most interesting and important stories previously broadcast on “America’s Business.”

Recalling the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, Mike talks to the president of a regional power company about its efforts to help the storm’s victims, and in an emotional interview Katrina victim Dorman Davis of Lumberton, Miss., tells Mike what it is like to lose everything in an instant.

Renee Giachino of The American Justice Partnership reviews the transformation of Florida’s Supreme Court into an “activist court,” and then talks with Mike about the impact activist judges have on business and law-abiding citizens.

In our regular segments, Karla Aaron, President of Hialeah Metal Spinning, gets on her “Soapbox,” and the NAM’s Hank Cox takes a look back at “The Way It Was.”

Our series of interviews with potential presidential candidates includes talks about manufacturing issues with New York Governor George Pataki and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, both Republicans.

NAM President John Engler closes with “The Last Word,” expressing the thanks manufacturers feel at this time of year.

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