The Wall Street Journal on Global Warming

By November 2, 2006Global Warming

Two great pieces in today’s Wall Street Journal on one of our favorite topics. The first is their lead editorial. As they say in the first sentence, “Two scientific events of note occurred this week, but only one got any media coverage. Therein lies a story about modern politics and scientific priorities.”

The first event, of course, is the much-ballyhooed Stern report, (not not that Stern), which has the over-hyped mainstream media in an even greater frenzy, if that’s possible. The second is a conference on global priorities organized by respected writer, economist and environmentalist Bjorn Lumborg. The editorial introduces a lengthy op-ed from him on the topic of the Stern report. In it, he says:

“Despite using many good references, the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change is selective and its conclusion flawed. Its fear-mongering arguments have been sensationalized, which is ultimately only likely to make the world worse off.”

OK, we’ll admit we haven’t read the 700-page tome either, but Lumborg did and has some great insights.

Both of these pieces are a must-read for anyone interested in a little balance in the coverage of this story — obviously not including ABC.

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  • Tano says:

    The issues raised by Lomborg all revolve around the expected costs of various strategies for dealing with climate change. Does your mention of, and seeming recommendation of his article mean that you are in agreement with him on the more fundamental point – as he states explicitly near the beginning of his article? :

    “The review correctly points out that climate change is a real problem, and that it is caused by human greenhouse-gas emissions.”