The Journal Weighs in on Tapping Our Own Energy

By November 17, 2006Energy

Great editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required) on tapping our own energy supply. You all know the drill (no pun intended): We have 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, yet 85% we can’t touch because the government has imposed a moratorium? Gee, how much of China’s natural gas is off limits, do you think? Japan’s? Germany’s? Nada.

Says the Journal:

“Short supplies and high prices are punishing American industry, causing plant closures and job flight overseas. It is one of the larger economic messes in recent history, yet the political class barely mentions it — perhaps because the politicians have done more than anyone to cause it….The next time Democrats wail over lost manufacturing jobs and try to blame it on ‘free trade,’ tell them to start drilling for the truth.”

Competing bills have passed both the House and the Senate. It’s time for them to figure it out and get a bill done. “It’s a disgrace that Congress has locked up [420 trillion cubic feet of gas] and driven high-paying jobs overseas,” says the Journal in conclusion. “Passing this drilling bill would make a lame-duck Congress a little less lame.”

Click here to tell your Member of Congress to use whatever precious few days they have left to get about the business of driving down the price of energy.