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By November 29, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchSheez! Lou seems to be quite the subject of lengthy magazine profiles these days. The latest comes from, an article written by Luke Mullins. We were tipped off to it by MediaBistro-NY, with a title that grabbed our attention: “Lou Dobbs Once Tossed a Live Chicken Off a Balcony During a Movie.” If that’s not a grabber, we don’t know what is. Maybe we need to make our headlines a little punchier.

In any event, it’s similar to the last piece we linked to in that it’s a fairly exhaustive review of Lou’s upbringing and his life at CNN, the latter which has not always been met with zeal by his co-workers. Says Mullins, “CNN employees say that Dobbs has become increasingly controversial inside the network. His power is resented, and his extreme positions are mocked. His face on network monitors inevitably provokes jokes and eye-rolling from CNN staffers. ‘We all start banging our heads against the wall,’ one of them says.”

All we can say to these beleaguered CNN staffers is, “We understand.”

We understand.

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  • david foster says:

    Did you catch him last night? Someone mentioned concerns on the part of business that many new hires lack basic literacy skills. Dobbs huffed and puffed that he thought the survey results were made up so that people could be blamed for their own unemployment, or something like that.