Red Wine Good for Obese Mice – Hope For Humans Seen

By November 3, 2006General

Here’s the big news from yesterday:

“Researchers have found that resveratrol–a molecule found in the skin of red grapes and therefore in red wine–can prolong the life span of obese mice.”

This story from Scientific American spells it out, and quotes Matt Kaeberlein, a pathologist at the University of Washington. “According to Kaeberlein,” says the piece, “it would take over 300 glasses of wine per day to equal the amount of resveratrol fed to the obese mice in this study.”

Wow. This tells us we all have our work cut out for us, to work up to 300 glasses a day. That will be several more per hour than our current intake, but we see the outlines of a 2007 New Year’s resolution taking shape — no pun intended. In other words, there is hope.

Who’s with us….?

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