Plant Tour Today – Marlin Steel Wire Products

By November 16, 2006General

Today the blogger’s apprentice along with about 50 other NAM employees will be going on a plant tour of NAM member Marlin Steel Wire Products. We’re really looking forward to getting a private tour by their CEO Drew Greenblatt. We’re even taking along our DV Cam and plan on producing a future edition of

Founded in 1968, Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC is a USA-based (and owned) wire point of purchase basket, rack hooks and shelf wire form manufacturer with an extensive inventory of baskets, racks, grates, hooks, screens, skimmers, etc., as well as the capability to make a wide range of custom products. The factory floor space has more than doubled since February 1999, to meet the growth the company has experienced. Some 1500 distributors carry their product.

Every kid ought to go on a plant tour at least once a year. Its just so fascinating to see how things are made and to watch how raw materials come in one end and exit the other as a product we all know and use. If you can’t go on a plant tour, then check out our online archive to watch videos of how things are made. We also would encourage every elected official ought to go on a plant tour at least once a year. If you are a manufacturer, click here (PDF) to learn how you can host elected officials at your plant.

We think its really cool that one of the many perks of our job as an NAM employee that we get free plant tours. How many other employers in Washington do you that offer THAT has a benefit? Yeah, that’s we thought. We’ve got a few job openings as well at the NAM, so if you think you’ve got the stuff, click here to see what’s available.