On the Environment, More Hollywood Hypocrisy

By November 15, 2006General

We’ve written before in this space about Hollywood’s apparent hypocrisy when it comes to issues of the environment. You see many candidates out there talking up their environmental causes and collecting big wads of dough from actors and actresses who talk a good game but who burn up the carbon when push comes to shove. Even their fellow filmmaker, Al Gore is burning up the carbon, as we’ve seen, living by a different set of rules than he preaches.

Well, now comes a study from UCLA’s Institute of the Environment (IOE), issuing their periodic “Southern California Report Card“, evaluating the environmental impact of various industries in the region that is home to many actors and actresses and the film and TV industry that employs them. And what did this study find? Simply stated, the study says, ” Within metro Los Angeles, the [Film and Television Industry] makes a larger contribution to conventional air pollution than four of the five other sectors we studied.” According to this AP story, this means that all these crazed environmentalists created more pollution collectively than any of the four other sectors: aerospace manufacturing, apparel, hotels and semiconductor manufacturing.

Says the study, “Environmental considerations are not high on the agenda in the film and television industry.” Apparently not, but they sure do talk a good game. Guess that’s why they call ’em “actors.” Next thing you know, they’ll tell us E.T. wasn’t real….

Here’s a link to the full study, and here’s a link to the IOE’s press release.

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