More on the Dems’ Plans

By November 10, 2006General

An interesting take on the Dems’ agenda, from The Economist. Here’s the opening:

“If you think the Democrats’ triumph will bring fresh young faces pushing a well-honed agenda, think again. Unlike the Republican upstarts who stormed to power in 1994 with their ‘Contract with America’, the new House of Representatives will be run by veterans with few coherent plans.

Nancy Pelosi, the putative speaker, has agreed to respect the ancient custom of appointing committee chairmen by seniority (a tradition the Republicans ignore these days). As a result, seven of the 19 likely committee chairmen are over 70. John Dingell, who is set to head the Energy and Commerce Committee, has been in Congress for 51 years.”

An interesting point. The GOP stormed to majority behind a team of young turks. The Dems come in behind a team of old bulls, no doubt. Will they chart a new, bold course or just have a bunch of oversight? We’ll know soon enough.