More Inconvenient Truth, Now in DVD

By November 22, 2006Global Warming

Expect a second burst of media worship for Al Gore’s movie this week as it now comes out in DVD. Like we didn’t get enough of it in theaters. Watch the world flood now in your own homes, just in case Blockbuster is sold out of “Day After Tomorrow.” Oh, wait, that’s fiction, too.

In any event, a few good comments about the film, also timed to coincide with the DVD — presumably made and marketed without any environmental impact at all. The first is from the non-partisan Competitive Enterprise Institute, a new book which chronicles all the flaws in Al’s movie, from statements that are one-sided (gasp!), through the misleading, exaggerated and speculative to the just flat wrong. Yeah, there are a bunch of those. As they say, this film is a lawyer’s brief. It is a one-sided case, not a balanced documentary. As regular blog readers know, there is clearly another side to this story.

The second is from Tim Blair, an irresistibly funny bit about how the Australian Conservation Foundation chose 85 lucky Aussies to be “climate messengers.” Wonder if it pays?

And the third is from Iain Murray, a pretty fulsome piece from the National Review, seeing a Presidential run in this bit of Hollywood celluloid. Murray also notes that Gore has scoffed at peer review, bristling at the thought that his theory should be subject to the regular rigors of scientific research. Poppycock. This is politics, after all.

In any event, three good hits on the occasion of the next wave of Al Gore adulation from the mainstream media.