More from Speaker Hastert and Majority Leader Boehner

By November 2, 2006General

Majority Leader Boehner:

What’s at stake: the Dems have already promised higher spending and higher taxes on American families. The Dems can raise taxes by doing nothing. Tax cuts will expire if they don’t take action to extend them.

In a recent USA Today poll, 63% of people believe that Dems will raise taxes, 74% say they’d’ disapprove of it. Not renewing the tax cuts will hike the tax bill for a family of four by $2000. It’s pretty clear to me that if the Democrats gain control, it’s pretty clear to see what the [picture is, more spending, more taxes.

Speaker Hastert: Tax growth comes from economic activity, not from the taxes themselves. We need tax cuts because they grow the economy. I used to teach economics to HS kids, I’ve had a hard time teaching economics to some Members of Congress.

Boehner: Economic freedom is real freedom.

Hastert: We over-regulate, we over-litigate, we over-tax. The more you over-regulate, the more it costs business.