Hastert and Boehner on the Upcoming Elections

By November 2, 2006General

In response to a question about their sense of how it’s going out there (politically):

Hastert: There’s a lot of enthusiasm, people are raising a lot of money, they are excited, good things are happening. I think we’ve turned a corner and the trend is with us. As an old coach, I’d say we keep playing ’til the fourth quarter, ’til the final gun goes off and when the final gun goes off I think we’re going to be winners.

Boehner: Where I get my optimism is in our volunteers and in our ability to deliver voters. We’re not having a national election, we’re having 435 separate elections. You’ve got two dozen races that are within the margin of error. The key to this is getting our people mobilized to vote on election day. I think you’re going to see a little more voter intensity in light of (Sen. Kerry’s ) recent comments.

Example: Chris Chocola has fought back. He had 100 people on the phones on a Friday night. At the end of the day, I think our efforts at motivating voters and turning them out will be the key to victory on Tuesday.

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  • scooter says:

    OK, guys.

    Kerry’s “botched” joke was like “fouling” up a one-car funeral.

    But this particular posting puts you in fantasy land with Hastert and Boehner.

    Time to take off the rose-colored glasses and flush the happy pills down the toilet.

    Count Chocula could beat Chris Chocola in this political environnment.

    C’mon guys, let’s get real!