Global Warming Update: Of Sports and Gender Inequality

By November 2, 2006General

You might have seen Carter Wood’s post a few days ago about this Stern study in the UK, sort of the mother of all hysteria about global warming. Thanks to Tim Blair for pointing out that one of the many victims of global warming in this much-ballyhooed report is gender inequality. Stay with us now, try to follow this logic from the report:

“Gender inequalities will likely worsen with climate change. Workloads and responsibilities such as collecting water, fuel and food will grow and become more time consuming in light of greater resource scarcity. This will allow less time for education or participation in market-based work. A particular burden will be imposed on those households that are short of labor, further exacerbated if the men migrate in times of extreme stress leaving women vulnerable to impoverishment, forced marriage, labor exploitation and trafficking. Women are ‘over-represented’ in agriculture and the informal economy, sectors that will be hardest hit by climate change. This exposure is coupled with a low capacity to adapt given their unequal access to resources such as credit and transport. Women are also particularly vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters with women and children accounting for more than 75% of displaced persons following natural disasters.”

This reminds us a little of the old “For Want of a Nail” rhyme, no? And how does it become more time-consuming to collect water if all the rivers and oceans are going to rise? And, men are migrating in times of extreme stress today. Ever heard of fishing trips? Just too many calamities to count, we guess. And don’t forget the poison ivy.

However, the bigger story is over at the excellent hockey blog, Off Wing Opinion. It links to this story in the UK Guardian about how sports are “killing the planet.” OK, now the bombs are landing a little too close to home. Yes, indeed — it’s not only motor sports, it’s all sports, when you take into account the fact that they use internal combustion engines to get themselves to the events. The writer — seriously — makes the case for ultimate Frisbee. (Pause here for dramatic effect….)

We envision a world as of yore, with lacrosse — or ultimate Frisbee — games that go on for days, played out over many villages. Ah, the good ol’ days. Can malaria and consumption be far behind…? Oh, and no cheering, please. Too much carbon dioxide.

We’ll have more debunking the Stern study in days to come. Stay tuned, but this oughta keep you up at night in the meantime.

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  • Jeff says:

    This is great! Just what we need, more competition today in respect to gender inequalities with the growing seperation in political views, money, and religion. – In regards to Ultimate frisbee, we could all use a light up Flashflight frisbee for those ultimate games. Comes in handy to retrieve the rising water, acts as a flashlight, a bug swatter and a hat to protect from the atmospheric hole.
    Oh boy. I’m mean girl. 🙂