Global Warming: Scientist Lists ‘Misrepresentations’

By November 17, 2006Global Warming

Thanks to The Corner for teeing up this piece from Roger Pielke, Jr., head of the University of Colorado’s Center for Science and Technology Policy Research. Pielke lists 17 “Misrepresentations of Science in Policy Debate Related to Disasters and Climate Change.” Among the list of shame is one from our favorite filmmaker/climatologist/ Vice President, whose movie poster showed belching smokestacks and predicted dire consequences, including more severe hurricanes. Says Pielke, “Reducing smokestack emissions, or any CO2 emissions, is simply not an effective tool of hurricane disaster mitigation.” Pielke had better be careful or he’ll not get invited to Al’s next movie premiere.

There are 16 others and they’re wroth seeing, a pretty damning indictment from academia, considering all these folks are ostensibly on board with this theory. They’re obviously not.