For the French, No Free Lunch

By November 16, 2006General

In case you didn’t see this Reuters story from yesterday, the French are discovering there’s no free lunch. Turns out the price of baguettes has increased 23% over the past five years. And why? Because of the 35-hour work week, that’s why. This according to French Finance Minister Thierry Breton. If they had a 40-hour work week, they’d be paying less for baguettes — and a whole lot of other items, too.

As the Dems take control of the Congressional policy apparatus, they are getting more pressure from the union folks to do a lot of dumb things that’ll bog down our competitiveness as a nation. They ought to take heed of his economic object lesson from a country that can only envy our vibrant economy. We can load on more regulations, adding to our existing 32% cost disadvantage with our competitors, but at the end or the day as the French have discovered, there’s no free lunch, whether on bread or a baguette.