Election 2006: Lessons from the Clinton White House

By November 9, 2006General

There was an interesting piece in the WaPo on Sunday by respected columnist David Broder entitled, “The Election ‘Earthquake’.” Broder reports on a conversation with Leon Panetta, Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff during the GOP takeover of ’94. Panetta’s insights are interesting and shed some light on the possible impact of this week’s elections on the Bush White House. As Broder points out — quoting Panetta — the two major effects seem mutually exclusive, but true nonetheless: The differences with the new Congressional leadership helped “define his Administration” and also, “moved Clinton to the center and gave him the ability to cut deals he couldn’t have made otherwise.”

Truth is, we didn’t pay much attention to this article when we first saw it, but in light of Tuesday’s election results, ran back to read it. We’d recommend it.