Dobbs Watch: Lou Outsources His Cynicism To Middle America

By November 1, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchThanks to a blog reader for sending us this article by C.J. Janovy about Lou’s trek to Kansas City — Middle America — in mid-October to hawk his new book. (As you know, for the record, we think it’s cheezy to hawk your own book in the course of your own gig.) Some real insights in this article:

“[I]f Dobbs’ sympathetic platitudes that night were any indication of the answers in War on the Middle Class, hardworking folks might as well save their money for this winter’s heating bill.

Backstage after the show, Dobbs [said] that his message resonated with people because ‘we’re reporting on illegal immigration, on failing public schools, on the high cost of free trade, on the role of corporate America and the outrageous cost of health care — all the American challenges…. We focus on the issues I think are critical, not on the so-called wedge issues…'” (Emphasis ours)

“Not on the wedge issues?!?” Crikey, this guy is a one-man flying wedge!

One of the many points Dobbs missed, had he decided to talk more about Kansas City than about himself, is that Kansas City is one of the first sites for the “Dream It, Do It” campaign. According to fellow blogger Bill Canis, Dream It, Do It, “Is a workforce and economic development program created by NAM and The Manufacturing Institute to help manufacturers find the skilled workers they need for expansion and to replace retiring baby boomers. In its pilot in the greater Kansas City region, Dream It, Do It advertising and community alliances increased applications to the local technical college by 35 percent. This successful initiative is now being launched in other cities around the country.”

Wonder how this bit of good news could elude Lou and his army of reporters? Truth is, if you only go looking for bad news, the great likelihood is that’s all you’ll find. It’s why every time Lou goes looking for America, he only finds more cynicism.

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  • Steve says:

    Caring Human,

    I am so glad to find out that you feel the same way I do. Dobbs does point out many problems, but instead of providing solutions — other than registering as an independent voter — he continues to rile people up. If he truly cares about the middle class, then why doesn’t he devote some time to how they can actually improve their plight? His show would be so much more powerful.

  • Ryan says:

    Here’s a link mentions Mr. Dobbs. A great article about anti-trade. Maybe too pessimistic but interesting nevertheless. I was excited about the dems winning, but the article shows what kind of dems will be replacing republicans.

  • Caring Human says:

    What would LOU DOBBS BE Speaking of if there were no “Poor Illegal Immigrants” that LOU DOBBS is blaming our nations woes on ? Why Don’t You All show what you will do for;

    Health care ? ………….

    Social Security ?…………..

    Education ? ………………

    Balancing the Budget? ……….
    Trade deficits? ……………..

    Exporting of Corporations ?……..
    World Globalization & Trade ? …….

    How to Compete in Todays World Globalization ?…………..

    How our children will compete in the upcoming decade…………

    How to Assist the 36 million people from living in POVERTY in our “RICH” Nation ?………………..

    Where do the 46 Million Uninsured USA Citizens go for health care?…………

    MR DOBBS We all are not Follies as you ASS_U_ME!


    SOLVE These REAL issues mentioned above, and stop playing folly fear politics on the backs of the poor that come to work hard to build a life and feed their Families with RESPECT.