Cool Stuff Being Made: How Candy Is Made

By November 4, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

candy.jpgJust a few days after Halloween and after running a marathon last week, we thought we should indulge ourselves and take a tour of a chocolate factory.

We are going to visit the Wolfgang Candy Company. Founded in 1921, Wolfgang Candy is one of the oldest family-owned and managed candy companies in the United States. Our menu today includes Caramel Chews, Peanut Clusters and Mint Creams. Plus, we also have a special tour of their museum and store as well.

Our videos come courtesy of a new provider partner, PCN Television. We’ll be featuring a few more of their videos in the coming weeks.

The first video is how Caramel Chews are made. This eight minute video starts with a mixture boiled at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once thoroughly mixed, it is then poured out onto a metal cooling bed. The raw peanut butter and flour mixture is added and the entire product is spread apart into the “backsizer.” The product is then transformed from a large glob into a small rope where it is cut into individual pieces. As Rob Wolfgang, the company’s president of operations notes, “making candy is more art than science.”

You can also watch how Mint Creams are made. This slightly longer 18 minute video begins with corn starch and mint cream that is later coated on the top and bottom with chocolate. After being decorated, it is sent into a cooling tunnel where it is packaged and shrink-wrapped.

Our final video is how Peanut Clusters are made. This eight minute video begins with toasted coconut slowly being mixed into a huge vat of liquid chocolate (yum!). Once thoroughly mixed, the contents are transferred into a depositor which drops precisely the right amount into individual cups. These cups then proceed to a vibrating table where they are smoothed out. The product is then sent into a cooling tunnel and onto packaging.

So, sit back, and enjoy these mouth-watering videos. All three videos can be watched by clicking here.