Citgo and Jeopardy

Watching Jeopardy! last night to see how Secretary of Education Spellings did in a celebrity charity week contest — let’s just say that Michael McKean is very, very smart — we caught a commercial that jarred.

Joe Kennedy — the enviromentalist scion — was touting some poverty initiative, cheap heating oil for the masses. From Citgo, the American arm of the Venezuelan oil monopoly. Well, suppose the propaganda value depends on marketing it. From Tuesday’s Washington Post story:

The program has the blessings of Venezuela’s populist President Hugo Chavez, who has used it to demonstrate that he cares about the poor in the United States as well as Venezuela — while tweaking President Bush, who he called “evil” in a September speech at the United Nations.

Populist? Hmmm. How about “left-wing caudillo?” Or “Chomsky-loving Castro wannabe?” And Chavez certainly called Bush more than evil in his U.N. rant.

Anyway, just an interesting bit of disguised anti-Americanism popping up in the 7:30 p.m. time-slot. One which offers us the opportunity to send readers interested in democratic movements worldwide to this blog, Publiuspundit. And for Venezuela in particular, to vcrisis. UPDATE: And Venezuela News and Views blog.

UPDATE 2: You can bet the Priboloff Island Aleuts wouldn’t put up with this nonsense.