Black Friday Redux

By November 24, 2006General

“Black Friday,” you may know, is so-called because it is supposedly the day that retailers move from red to black ink, given the boost in sales.

In any event, we commemorated it again this year, just to see all those manufactured products flying off the shelves. Here’s a link to last year’s post on the topic entitled, “American Pamplona.” This year we took video, not still, photos. Not sure any of it is blog-worthy, but it was quite a scene nonetheless. At 5 a.m., the line around the Wal-Mart in Springfield, Virginia wended its way around the entire building. One man was asleep in a shopping cart, creating the illusion that either he had just been purchased or was on his way to the “Returns” window. Not sure where he ended up.

In any event, happy Black Friday to you all. Don’t forget all the manufacturers who make it possible.

UPDATE: (By Carter Wood): Or, just a comment, we suppose. Don’t recall hearing “Black Friday” referring to the day after Thanksgiving, until moving back to Washington, D.C, in 2001. Always thought it unpleasant terminology, since “Black Friday” otherwise refers to days of economic catastrophe. Smacks of a journalist’s conceit, trying to enliven an utterly routine, annual story assignment. (“Ho, ho. A Jay Gould reference in my article about modern capitalism.”)

Around here, the day is marked by the annual memorial playing of Steely Dan’s Katy Lied.