A Little Wal-Mart Hypocrisy from John Edwards

By November 17, 2006General

This is one of those that made us laugh out loud. Remember John Edwards, the Senator who represented the trial bar for his 6 years in the Senate and then ran for President and then Vice President? Yeah, well, he’s back, still running. To pander even more to the left, he was on a call with some anti-Wal-Mart union group yesterday, giving them the ol’ time religion, noting that even his son derided a playmate for buying stuff at Wal-Mart. So not only is the former Senator and trial lawyer-for-life against the place, it’s right in his DNA, he passed it on to his son. The message is clear: “Please endorse me and not Hillary for President!”

Only one problem. While Edwards was busy pandering to the labor left, somebody from his staff was trying to use a little influence with the local Wal-Mart to see if they couldn’t score a Play Station 3, so the good Senator wouldn’t have to stand on line with the great unwashed, the common folk. Ick. Imagine the indignity.

Imagine the hypocrisy.

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  • Bender says:

    John Edwards for President 2008!!!

  • jeff mellott says:

    Here’s the real point (Rush made it yesterday)
    Edwards’ employee got paid NOTHING!!
    No $5.15 per hour–no health care–no nothin’!
    He’s a multi-millionaire and had a “volunteer”
    do a PERSONAL errand for him for nothing.
    He’s the biggest phony on earth.

  • Michael Zak says:

    Not having to wait in line will give John Edwards more time to improve the lives of working families, especially children disadvantaged by the Bush administration.

    Yes, I am being sarcastic.