A Fish Story: The WaPo Takes the Bait

By November 20, 2006General

Must be a slow news day over at the WaPo. They re-heated a story from November 3 that we wrote about at the time, a new hysteria-study, that we’re gonna run out of fish by 2048. Apparently the WaPo bought the story hook, line and sinker, and made it the subject of today’s lead editorial — this in spite of the fact that at least one expert had already dubbed the study, “mind-bogglingly stupid.

So we spent five seconds on Google to check it out and found this from the non-partisan National Fisheries Institute, issued after the study came out two and a half weeks ago:

“According to NOAA statistics, more than 80 percent of fish stocks are sustainable and will provide seafood now and for future generations.

Fish stocks naturally fluctuate in population. Fisheries scientists around the world actively manage stocks and rebuild fisheries with a low sustainable population. Over 98 percent of the top 10 seafood varieties that Americans eat come from sources worldwide that fisheries scientists report as fully sustainable.”

Maybe the WaPo should start using Google, might help keep the hysteria at bay. Just goes to show, when a story sounds a little fishy — or “mind-bogglingly stupid” — it probably is.

UPDATE (By Carter Wood): Blame the Romans!

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  • Michael Zak says:

    According to NPR, only 70% of fish consumed in the United States is from the ocean, the rest being raised in fish farms. As fish farms become even more common, the strain on the oceans should abate.