Will Coverage be Balanced or Overheated?

By October 28, 2006Global Warming

You can expect heavy news coverage next week upon the formal release of a new British study that proclaims global warming to be an economic catastrophe waiting to happen. Soon. Very soon. And really catastrophic.

Climate change could push the world into the worst recession since the Great Depression, with many countries facing economic ruin, a comprehensive British report on the effects of global warming will warn next week.

The report, written by the former World Bank chief economist Sir Nicholas Stern and commissioned by the British Treasury, seeks to overturn conventional wisdom by insisting that fighting climate change will save – not cost – governments money.

We wonder, somewhat wearily, if news coverage of this study will examine the study’s expected assertion, that the science on global warming is settled. Fox news commentator and Junkscience.com publisher Steven Milloy comments:

Considering these points — along with news of recent research into cosmic rays impacting global climate, the limited physical capability of carbon dioxide to impact global temperature and other various greenhouse myths propagated by climate alarmists — it’s no wonder that Sir Nicholas, Al Gore and their brethren keep chanting that the “overwhelming weight of scientific opinion” supports the need for, what in reality would be, economy-killing greenhouse gas regulation.

Their mantra is best described as another wishful positive feedback mechanism to justify their faith in unreliable models.

The bottom line here is that the Stern report is unwittingly correct in one aspect. Stern says that the science shapes the economics. True enough, except that it’s Gore’s junk science shaping Stern’s junk economics.

Milloy’s column includes a valuable discussion of the assumptions and limitations of climate models, the kind of discussion that any balanced news coverage should include when reporting on the new U.K. study.

So, what do you think? When the new study is released Monday, will it produce balanced reporting, including coverage of the doubters and critics, or more ominous, one-sided warnings of warmings?

Experience would tell us…..(he said, somewhat wearily).

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