What’s the Ideogram for Nuclear Power?

By October 28, 2006Energy

The United States better get into this game.

China plans $8-billion nuclear power plant

BEIJING — China plans to build a nuclear power plant worth the equivalent of $8.5-billion in a central province, adding to a boom in its nuclear power industry, a news report said Thursday.

The latest plant is planned for Yueyang, a city in Hunan province but no construction date has been set, China’s Xinhua News Agency said, citing local officials.

Xinhua didn’t say whether it would use Chinese-made or imported equipment — a key issue for U.S., European and Russian suppliers, who are looking to China to drive sales at a time when few other countries are building nuclear plants.

China’s government plans to build dozens of nuclear power plants in coming years as it tries to ease mounting power shortages cause by its economic boom. Beijing looks on nuclear power as a clean alternative to China’s abundant but dirty coal resources.

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