What’s a Trillion Dollars Among Friends….?

By October 1, 2006Global Warming

There’s a new study out by PriceWaterhouse saying that the cost of cutting greenhouse gas emissions will be one trillion — that’s right, a trillion — dollars. What’s more disturbing is that the study’s author, John Hawksworth, concludes that it’s “a cost worth incurring.” Really? By whom?

We already have a 32% non-wage cost disadvantage vs. our trading partners. India and China are not signatory to the Kyoto accords and when Al Gore was President of the Senate, they decided 95-0 not to ratify it. So why would we spend a trillion dollars to do this? Let’s wait ’til we have some consensus on causes and solutions before we go on a spending spree, shall we?

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  • To end global warming and restore world weather to normal won’t cost anything. Importing biofuels from wet tropical Third World countries and paying the same as petroleum from the Middle East, is cost neutral. Decommissioning and waste disposal charges included; nuclear generated electricity costs about the same as fossil fuel electricity. So it’s cost neutral. Switching to organic type farming to build soil fertility is not only a big health benefit but is also; cost neutral. Organic food uses more machinery and less chemicals. What’s best?
    The trillion-dollar cost figure to end global warming is oil company generated junk statistics, all to make the changes look too just too hard. Not having any global warming will be as enormous cost saving. Not funding potential enemies is also sound economics. Keep running on fossil fuels and four more Katrina equivalents will put a trillion dollars down the sink with absolutely no benefit to anyone. Wake up America, and start leading.
    Ending global warming is the essential primary objective for all sane people. Vague feel-good concepts of merely mitigating it, hopefully slowing it down, or learning to live in a destabilized and horrendously expensive and frighteningly deadly world, is just not good enough. I argue in my book PRIORITY ONE Together We Can Beat Global Warming that ending global warming is easy, practical and is economic common sense. You can read the concise summary, STRAIGHT TALKING or even the whole book, free at our web site http://www.yeomansplow.com.au.
    Four things we do. We use organic type farming to sequest the excess carbon dioxide out of the air to become stable soil organic matter. For transport, we switch totally to ethanol and biodiesel produced locally, or imported from wet tropical Third World countries and give them a chance. A 747 can run OK on biodiesel. Then we power our industrial societies on nuclear energy. And fourthly we stop believing the pro-oil, anti-biofuel, anti-nuclear PR put out by well-funded pseudo environmentalists. Allan Yeomans.