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By October 10, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

Things are really hopping lately on CoolStuffBeingMade.com. First there was a very nice mention by Glenn Reynolds the other week and now Tech Space editor Angela Gunn of USA Today has singled us out for our video on how the USS George H. W. Bush was made. Because one good mention deserves another, we just wanted to say “thanks Angela!”

For all of you who are new to our site, “Welcome!” On CoolStuffBeingMade, you’ll find a new video every Saturday. If you forget to check back every Saturday, then subscribe to the CoolStuffBeingMade feed. We produce our videos in windows streaming media and (for all you Mac fans), also an MP4 video podcast feed.

CoolStuffBeingMade.com is now the Internet’s largest collection of videos on how things are made. We’ve got everything ranging from Patagonia Clothing to the washing machines that wash that clothing and almost everything in between. If there’s something here that we don’t have, let us know and we’ll search our archives and find it.

If you’re not interested in how things are made, there’s other stuff that you might like such as writings on the economy to energy and let’s not forget everyone’s favorite: Friday Follies.

With all that, and then some, you’ll find our site to be great place to hang out.

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