Vote Ratings Real and Fake

By October 17, 2006General

The WaPo reported yesterday that Esquire magazine is issuing endorsements in all races this year — House, Senate and Gubernatorial races. That’s right — sandwiched in between “The Sexiest Woman Alive” (Scarlett Johansson) and “Women We Love” (Ivanka Trump, among others) is Esquire’s vote ratings. With quality content like this, it’s hard not to take them seriously. However, according to the article, the “idiosyncratic process” used by Esquire, “weighed such factors as effectiveness and hypocrisy….” Somehow they manged to endorse both Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Trent Lott (R-MS), a tribute, no doubt, to the aforementioned “idiosyncratic” method.

However, if you want vote ratings that are not idiosyncratic, click here to see ours. Guess you could say these look at hypocrisy, too. There aren’t many Members of Congress who say they don’t support manufacturing. In fact, most can give a stirring pro-manufacturing speech. Problem is, when it comes time to deliver, some can go south on us pretty fast. The only way to tell whether your Member of Congress is telling the truth when they say they support manufacturing is by checking this list. And please do share with your employees, as so many manufacturers have done.

Once you check out their voting record, click here to send them either a “Thanks” or “Thanks for nuttin’ ” letter. Tell them you’ll be remembering their support for manufacturing — or lack of it — on Election Day.