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By October 27, 2006General

Americas Business with Mike HambrickHost Mike Hambrick interviews Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez in anticipation of his leading a business development mission to China next month. Secretary Gutierrez also covers recent political developments leading up to the November 7th elections.

Wall Street Journal reporter Greg Hitt and the NAM’s Christopher Wenk follow up with a discussion of what a Democratic take-over in Congress would mean for U.S. trade policy.

Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute offers a trenchant analysis of the major media’s tendency to emphasize negative news when it comes to business and the economy.

South Dakota newsman Bob Mercer and Jay Bender of Falcon Plastics, Inc., in Brookings examine Amendment E, an initiated constitutional amendment known as the “Judicial Accountability Initiative Law.” The measure would make judges and other elected officials subject to personal lawsuits for their official decisions, opening up the state to a flood of business-hostile litigation. (NAM’s Amendment E webpage is here.)

Renee Giachino of the American Justice Partnership considers the latest in “legally insane” and tort reform news, and the NAM’s Hank Cox treks into the past with “The Way it Was.” NAM President John Engler’s “The Last Word” closes with a reminder of the elections’ importance to manufacturing.

To listen to this week’s “America’s Business,” please click here.

And….big news for the program! “America’s Business” can now be heard on more stations, more often!

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 27, 2006 — The National Association of Manufacturers’ public affairs radio program, America’s Business with Mike Hambrick is now being aired on 71 radio stations around the country on weekends. In some markets, the program is being aired twice — once on Saturday and once on Sunday — on the same station. The program is being aired 90 times each weekend.

Schedule note for D.C.-area listeners: WTNT — 570 AM — is certainly not being cavalier about the program, but a UVA football broadcast has compelled “America’s Business” to move to the 7-8 a.m. Saturday slot this week.

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