The Real Air America

By October 20, 2006Media Relations

A little schedule note for D.C. area fans of “America’s Business.” University of Virginia football has pre-empted the NAM’s radio program’s regular 11 a.m. timeslot on WTNT Saturday.

So “America’s Business” migrates to a 6 a.m. slot Saturday — wake up! — as well as up the dial to WWRC, 1260 AM. You know, ProgressiveTalk1260, the home of Air America — e.g., Al Franken and Randi Rhodes, at least until the checks stop coming. The sound you hear is that of “progressives” sputtering coffee over their morning papers…

To be serious, WTNT has been great to work with and such are the vicissitudes of radio scheduling — and UVA football. And WWRC has a heck of a signal.