The Democrats’ Agenda: What’s Past is Prologue

By October 26, 2006General

It’s funny — the press calls about what will happen if the Dems take control of the House have now subsided as the press has pre-ordained the election results. Instead the news has turned to what a swell Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be.

As for us, we’re still stuck back on the first question, wondering what their agenda might be. And so we took a lil’ stroll down memory lane, went into the archives to see what was on the agenda last time they steered the ship. Among their priorities was a failed attempt at a nationalized system of health care, a BTU energy tax, OSHA expansion legislation, efforts to re-write the National Labor Relations Act to make it easier for unions to organize, efforts to mandate equal pay and to ban discrimination against parents. That’s right, parents.

Sure it’s easy to engage in hysteria, to shake the shrunken head as it were, to try to scare the bejesus out of people. But these were actual agenda items, and we’d expect to see some of these resurrected should the Dems find themselves at the helm of the ship of state once again.

Click here to see a partial list of Democrat proposals of yore.