The Deficit: The WaPo Gets It Mostly Wrong

By October 13, 2006General

OK, so the WaPo totally ignored the story of the plummeting federal deficit, but does find time to editorialize on it today. They get it mostly wrong, citing the only budget group they know, but at least have the new-found decency to provide the appellation “liberal” to the group before quoting them. Ah, progress is slow, grasshopper. (They also apparently discovered Harry Reid’s indiscretions today, too.)

To the extent they acknowledge the deficit drop it is at best begrudging. They speak out –again — against extending the tax cuts, a position Democratic Speaker-in-Waiting Pelosi is all too willing to embrace. This ignores the fact that the tax cuts spurred the recovery we’re now experiencing. What on earth does the WaPo think spurred the recovery — global warming?

However, they are right in only one respect, in that they identify Social Security as an issue that needs addressing, as the President has said. Anybody willing to sign the pledge?