Tell Your Member of Congress About the Cost Study

By October 2, 2006General

OK, Congress is back home for another “District Work Period” prior to Election Day. This is your chance to see them back in the district where you — and they — live and work. You all know about the release of our cost study last week that showed us slipping even further behind our international competitors in the non-wage cost area. In things like taxes, energy costs, legal costs, regulatory burdens, we just keep adding costs while other countries move in the other direction.

We sent a link to our study to every NAM member last week with a link for them to send it to their member of Congress and Senators. We would urge you all to click here to forward the link to the study to your elected Representatives. This is the first step if we hope for any action on our agenda.

The story of manufacturing must be to be told by manufacturers and their employees in the places where they live. Send ’em the study, tell them a message will follow — on Election Day.