Senator Inhofe Rocks!

By October 4, 2006Global Warming

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. As such, he knows a lot about environmental issues and climate change. He’s seen enough in his time as chairman to be skeptical about the latter. And so CNN has attacked him with a vengeance, since he dares question the global cooling — er, we mean warming — orthodoxy. We wrote last week about his terrific defense against the Constantly Negative News. But now he’s gone one better.

He actually went on CNN against the offending Miles O’Brien and shellacked him on the topic of global warming. Here’s a link that includes the transcript. It’s just fun reading, because he was so well-prepared and O’Brien only had, well, hysteria on his side.

Just wanted to say, “Sen. Inhofe, you rock.” We stand on your shoulders.

UPDATE (By Carter Wood):
Here in the Washington, D.C., area, the popular phrase is “Hoya Saxa,” I believe. In the 109th Congress, Senator Inhofe had a 95 percent NAM voting record. He’s not up for election this year, but he rocks all the time.

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  • Bithead says:

    Actually, the guy’s right on the money.
    “Global warming” is one of the biggest crocks of Buffalo Bagels that has ever been foisted off on the American public.

  • kramerwylie says:

    Inhofe’s becoming more and more isolated. Pretty soon he’ll be the only one denying global warming. That’s what happens when you grandstand for the CSPAN cameras….once you’re proven wrong, it’s impossible to admit. You have to argue and argue. I think America will forgive him for being so wrong, if he’d just admit it.