Oldest Blogger on Earth Celebrates Another Birthday

By October 23, 2006General

KakEQuick! Someone notify Willard Scott! We think he left someone off the list.

Yup. Today is the Blogger-in-Chief’s (BIC) birthday. We’ve had some fun in last year in Google-bombing him so that if you type in”Oldest Blogger on Earth” in Google the first of the returned results is a link to our blog.

To quote the Blogger-in-Chief: In Google We Trust, …so it must be true, right?

Seriously though, he’s one of the hippest people we know–surprisingly for his age–he’s got a video iPod, he plays the electric guitar, he sure can navigate on the web and uses e-mail with great effectiveness (some might say excess), knows HTML and, of course he can blog…oh yes, he can blog!

His humble Apprentice feels that all readers of ShopFloor should take a moment to wish him happy birthday and thank the BIC for all that he has done to make you laugh (or cry) and over the past year.

Be sure to wish the BIC a happy birthday. Do so by sending him an e-mail at his e-mail address at pjcleary@nam.org. Or click on the “comments” link to drop him a note.

Happy birthday Blogger-in-Chief! Another year gone by and a trip around the sun.

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