Of Yeas and Nays

By October 5, 2006General

Thanks to Jeff DuFour and Patrick Gavin for an invite to a great event last night hosted by The Examiner at DC’s University Club, celebrating the launch of their column, “Yeas and Nays“. The Examiner is the up and coming paper in town, honchoed by Publisher Herb Moloney and voiced by Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott, a leading and influential conservative voice.

Anyway, DuFour (late of The Hill) and Gavin (of Fishbowl DC renown) are a lot of fun and their daily column is both irreverent and entertaining. In other words, just our speed. We also got to meet Howard Mortman of “Extreme Mortman” fame, a bona fide celebrity in the blogosphere.

All in all a great event. Do check out “Yeas and Nays” if you want to be in the know about the various goings-on in Washington. You can even subscribe. We do, and thus appear to be far more informed than we actually are.

UPDATE (By Carter Wood): Since we’re plugging The Examiner, I note that Mark Tapscott, the editorial page editor, is posting this week on the Internet, the media and government databases over at PBS. Good stuff.