Newsweek Recants Global Cooling Story of 1975

By October 29, 2006Global Warming

Thanks to both NRO and the Business and Media Institute for pointing this one out to us. Newsweek has apparently run a correction 31 years late.

In our discussion of global warming, we have noted repeatedly in this space that in the 70’s, both Time and Newsweek ran cover stories on global cooling. It spurred a hysteria of its own back then, way before the global warming hysteria took prominence over it in the climate hysteria race.

So in an effort to erase this inconvenient truth from three decades ago — a club that the skeptics are using to beat the hysterics — Newsweek has issued an official, “Do over”, a “What were we thinking?!?,” a “Pay no attention to the global cooling expert behind that curtain!!” This is, in a word, hilarious — and a joy to behold.

You must read the Newsweek apologia, standing as it does as a testament to pretzel logic everywhere. Said the NRO, Newsweek’s claiming more consensus this time around. Consensus, as you may know, isn’t really a relative concept. It’s consensus. You can’t really have more or less of it. And, as we’ve pointed out many times, there ain’t a lot of it around on global warming these days anyway.

So we applaud Newsweek for its Houdini-like efforts to escape the straitjacket of reason, and purge any record of bad global cooling from its archives. It was clearly wrecking the global warming buzz. Nice of them to set the record straight. Can’t wait to read the next correction thirty years from now when the locusts come.