More on Sweeney: Promises Made, and Broken

By October 23, 2006Labor Unions

In writing the piece on John Sweeney yesterday, we ran across his Wikipedia entry which noted — accurately, as it turns out, that when he ran for President of the AFL-CIO, he ran on the “New Voice” ticket. Recall the context: They were trying to force out Lane Kirkland, then President of the AFL-CIO, who Sweeney & Co. thought had hung on just a little too long. He was about 73 at the time. And so what was one of the planks of the New Voice platform? That no one over age 70 could run for any executive office in the AFL-CIO. Funny how that got dropped somewhere along the way. Sweeney ran for President just a little over a year ago at age 71.

Life is great when you’re not burdened by consistency.

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  • The problem for Mr. Sweeney has been that his “New Voice” has turned into the “same old song.”

  • Scooter says:

    Geez, Herr Blogmeister. Here you are celebrating yet another one of your untold years on this planet (what is it, 60 now?), yet you engage in rank ageism against Brother Sweeney.

    Can’t you give him a break? It’s been 16 years now. Maybe he just forgot his and the “New Voice” promises and platform–along with such concepts as loyalty and consistency (plus “the vision thing”).