Just the Facts, Ma’am

If you wonder if anything is made in America anymore, then you are the person for whom we wrote The Facts About Modern Manufacturing. This is one of our most popular publications and it has just now been issued in its 7th edition.

The Facts Book has just about everything you would want to know about today’s manufacturing sector as well as 29 company success stories that illustrate many of the pages in the book. It’s divided into 4 main chapters:

* the basic economics about domestic manufacturing,
* ways in which manufacturing creates the innovation economy,
* manufacturing’s global imprint, and
* domestic challenges to the future of manufacturing.

We thank Toyota for underwriting this important publication, which is circulated widely among elected officials, manufacturers, the media, students and educators. To check out The Facts Book, click here. It’s a joint publication of the National Association of Manufacturers and its research and education arm, The Manufacturing Institute.