John Stossel on Improving Education

By October 8, 2006General

Thanks to one of our many blog buddies, Pejman Yousefzadeh, for finding this article from John Stossel. It includes this schematic only slightly tongue-in-cheek and all too true about how hard it is to fire a teacher in the New York Public School system. Stossel’s been a bit at war with them over the last few months and this is his latest salvo.

And yes, we know there are plenty of dedicated teachers out there who are quite competent, thank you. But as the biggest end users of the products they crank out, manufacturers have a special concern for the quality of teachers. As we’ve also noted in this space before, some places like the DC Public School system doesn’t exactly do their part to weed out the chaff in the system.

Apparently New York City doesn’t, either.

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