Hollywood Hypocrisy Update

By October 25, 2006Energy

Further to yesterday’s piece on the various actors and surfers — and Kenny G — who came out to protest an LNG terminal in Malibu is this item. We assumed there might be a bit of hypocrisy among some Hollywood types, those who talk a good game about the world environment but don’t really do their part. While we wouldn’t ever put Al Gore in the same category as actors, he surely talks a better game than he delivers, as we’ve noted here before, burning up tons of private jet fuel to promote his fuel conservation movie. Apparently he’s not alone.

In any event, here’s a link to a story about Hollywood hypocrisy. Horrors! And to further your hypocrisy fix, here’s a link to an older piece about a bunch of enviros who were also burnin’ up the carbon and a link to “10 Steps to Combat Global Warming” from a well-known Hollywood celebrity.