Hofmeister’s Steps to Energy Security–Part 3 (of 4)

shell.jpgThis week, Shell Oil Co. president John Hofmeister spoke to the National Press Club with his strategy for energy security. He avoids calling for “energy independence”, by the way, because he thinks it is naive to think that we could every go solo on all our energy, considering how much is already imported. But his plan would give us greater diversity of energy resources and more security in the long run. Earlier this week we blogged on the top steps in Mr. Hofmeister’s energy plan. Here are the next three:

* Develop other forms of energy, such as wind and solar. Shell is investing in new wind farms across the country, including new electricity-generating facilities in West Virginia and Hawaii. Shell is also investing in solar, including a new technology he referred to as copper indium diselenide technology.

* Build a hydrogen economy. Shell has partnered with General Motors on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Shell powered hydrogen vehicles were parked outside the Press Club and Mr. Hofmeister made it clear that Shell wants to be in the lead on this new fuel.

* Emphasize energy efficiency. He calls for a change in American culture and a new drive to redesign energy-using vehicles, homes and workplaces to help reduce the use of oil and gas to power them.